This is the flagship program from BNU. The aim is to create the students ready for industries. It is to make them to understand the challenges and opportunities from the industries so that students are moving confidently to decide on their career.

At BNU students learn the nitty gritty of the employability skill. They learn the following aspects

  • Core Employability Skills
  • Professional skills
  • Communication skills
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  • This is a Coaching and mentoring program focusing on the employability skills.
  • A total of 180 hrs. of program divided into 3 levels of training and coaching.
  • Basic Level is 32 hours of training and coaching 8 hrs of practice.
  • Intermediate level is 48 hrs training and coaching with 12 hrs practice.
  • Senior level is 74 hrs coaching and 16 hrs practice.
  • BNU strongly believes in coaching for success hence this 180 hrs of coaching will surely transform the students.