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Dr.S.Narasimhan, M.S.,Ph.D is responsible for the Content delivery. He designs topics according to the requirement.

He has spent nearly 2000 hrs of training in his career and trained and developed more than 750 professionls and students.

With more than 30 years of experience in industry with the focus on Operations side, his passion for people developing is immaculate.

He is a visiting faculty in Engineering colleges in Coimbatore and teaching Mechanical Engineering Graduates, Business School students and Finishing school.

He has associated with organizations like QCFI, Pimpri Chapter, Nagar Road Industrial forum and taught and trained many on Operational Excellence concepts, TQM, Lean, TPM, QMS, HR related training.

Dr.S.Narasimhan, M.S.,Ph.D

Dr.S.Narasimhan received his Ph.D from Anna University, Chennai, in the Faculty of Management Sciences. His research areas are TQM, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, and Sustainable Development.

He has published papers in International Journals and International Conferences.

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