experiential training

Experiential Learning

When theoretical learning is supported with practical experience, the outcome is always a solid one.

reflective training

Reflective Teaching

It is directed towards the individual learning plan which guides towards a lifelong learning process for a successful career.

customized training

Customized Training

All the training programs are aimed at individual level hence all other methods are customized to suit your need level.

stimulating environment

Stimulating Environment

Environment plays an important role in learning and helps to set a stage for holistic learning. The environment we create is simply stimulating.

Our Trainings

Why you should come to BNU Training Center

  • Our approach is unique and tailor made for a specific group. We conduct training program/workshop in Coimbatore, Hosur and Puducherry.

    We rekindle our glorious concept of “Guru-Sishya”

    Small is Beautiful…. We work with small groups so that each and every one will be taken care in molding their future career.Our methods include formal and very interesting informal set of delivery environment that will provide the necessary impetus for the expected transformation.Come and experience the ambient environment in our own infrastructure.

    Our Concept for Graduate Students is “Class Room to Board Room” and the ultimate goal is skilling them with the necessary Employability skills.

  • Skill development is very much needed for the working professionals and our workshops will give them the cutting edge advantage for their career.

  • And BNU will ensure their career progress ambition by suitably skilling them through “Career Enhancement Programs”

    We understand the situation of Organization and certain to be with them as their preferred Human Capital Partner in Training and developing their employees to reach their optimum potential and hence the contribution to the Organization’s goal is achieved.

  • This includes Orientation of their new joiners, Continuous learning and development of mid-level executives and assisting in performance measurement.

    BNU specialize in developing entrepreneurs for a successful launch of their business and help them to grow in a sustained way.

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